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Sulware Member Management

The Sulware Member Management Systems takes the administration headache out of managing your club or organisations members.

From new member signups through to periodical renewals, the Sulware Member Management system can look after your members every need. Here are some of the features the system covers:

  • New Member signup
  • Member Renewals
  • Club setup and management
  • Safety officer management
  • Garda vetting management
  • Personal digital logs
  • Training and Accreditation managemet
  • Event and competition management
  • Multiple fee structures
  • Online payment processing
  • Full reporting

The Sulware Member Management system is built entirely by Sulware and as such we can easily tailor it to suit your own organisations specific business rules. 

Many organisations currently find themselves using a mix of antiquated technical solutions to manage their organisations membership requirements. From offline excel spreadsheets to simple local Access databases office administrators and membership managers find their workload being taken over with time consuming member management administration activities.  
At Sulware we specialise in developing systems that take the pain out of such administration and business process tasks, to free up key personnel to get on with the more important work of growing the business.

The Sulware Member Management System is an internet/cloud based secure solution and is designed to take full advantage of cloud resources to handle all your scaling requirements.  It's time to take the burden of member management away from your office staff and let your organisiations members manage themselves.

Our system is currently being used by clubs and financial institutions here in Ireland and manages tens of thousands of members as well as hundreds of clubs. Here's what some of our customers have to say about it:

We had a very strict set of requirements for our website ranging from detailed membership management through to full event management and online e-commerce. We depend very heavily on our site to conduct our business. We needed a partner who we could trust to handle all this. Sulware came recommended by another firm. They provided us with the exact solution we required and their ongoing support is excellent. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with them.

Lisa Downes, IT Manager, IAPF

Canoeing Ireland became a Sulware Member Management user in 2014.  Before then we found that managing our growing membership base was quite complex and time consuming.  We basically cater for thousands of Canoeing Ireland members and Irish Canoeing clubs.  After getting an introduction to Sulware back in 2014 we engaged with them and they began the process of analysing our existing system and then tailoring their software to meet our needs.  We rolled out a phased solution starting with basic member signup and renewals and then covering club setup, award and training and event management.  All our membership management is now hosted online and the system takes care of all the labour intensive work we had to do before hand. I'd highly recommend the Sulware Member Management System. 

Benny, Canoeing Ireland

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