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Skippers Mate Pro soft launch

04/10/2021 Posted by Brendan O'Sullivan | Comments(0)
Skippers Mate Pro soft launch

Sulware have been working on their latest client project, SkippersMatePro over the past several months. This ambitious project is a technology response to key compliance regulations in the fisheries sector.

Up to now, the management of regulatory compliance for fishing boats, from boat registration and documentation through to crew management relied on laborious and error prone manual/paper based informal systems.  Keeping track of things like skipper license expiry dates, boat equipment checks, and crew timesheets typically required a mountain of paper work managed by the boat owner and skipper.

SkippersMatePro addresses this by providing a state of the art technology cloud based solution.  Using SkippersMatePro boat owners can register their boats, upload the boats documentation, build their crews, add skippers and manage all aspects of each and every fishing trip.  The system maintains all regulatory records in the cloud ready for inspection at any time by the relevant authorities.

The key focus of the SkippersMatePro solution is ease of use and full compliance with all the latest regulations, significantly reducing the work load on boat owners, skippers, crew and even the rescue services.

Find out more at www.skippersmatepro.com.

From a technology perspective, SkippersMatePro is a Microsoft Azure based solution, developed using .NET core technologies.

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