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MyEzFirecheck.com launched

03/02/2019 Posted by Anne Delaney | Comments(0)
MyEzFirecheck.com launched

MyEzFirecheck.com (https://www.myezfirecheck.com/), Sulware's latest client site release, launched today.  MyEzFirecheck targets hotels and other institutions who need to keep strict fire check records for regulatory purposes.

Up to now such records were typically kept in a physical onsite hard copy book.  Compliance officers would routinely check premises to make sure that businesses remained compliant.  Keeping the books up to date and also making them available for inspection has proven to be a big source of contention and work for both business owners and compliance officers trying to enforce the regulations.

This is where myezfirecheck.com comes into play.  By developing this Microsoft cloud based solution, business owners can easily check their various fire equipment on premises using this responsive website.  The website is preloaded as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) on dedicated Android devices and delivered to the client for use on site.  Staff then go around to each fire-check station on premises and either mark off the station as passed or fail it with a relevant reason.  They can take photos of the station and even initiate repairs from the site if needed.

"This is a great project", says Brendan O'Sullivan director at Sulware, " and the underlying framework we've developed provides many opportunities to expand into different related compliance areas. Its just a great example of how technology can be harnessed to just make things easier for everyone and reduce workloads significantly".

The team is already actively working on some exciting upgrades including fully dedicated phone apps to better use device sensors to improve and enhance the service. Stay tuned for more!


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